Jack Battler Creative Cup

The Jack Battler Creative Cup is awarded to the winner of the Jack Battler Creative Competition.

Jack Battler (1928-1997), born in the Plattsville area, was an amateur watercolour artist who then discovered photography and never looked back. His artistry in nature shots and creativity earned him an enviable reputation in creative photography. To establish greater interest in this type of photography he donated this trophy, which has been a stimulus for the membership’s continued interests in being creative with camera, subject, and light. Jack’s tenacity and ability to visualize alternatives was not limited to photography, but served him well in his career in the Accounting department at a local tire manufacturer, as well as with his volunteer position with the John Howard Society. Jack is fondly remembered for his photographic skills and his contributions to the Highland Glen Camera Club. He passed away of heart failure in March 1997.

Previous winners of the Jack Battler Creative Cup are listed below.
1998-1999 Joyce Brant
1999-2000 Julie Trip
2000-2001 Julie Trip
2001-2002 Annette Twist
2002-2003 Annette Twist
2003-2004 Thelma Beaubien
2004-2005 Carol Rawlings
2005-2006 Ken Macpherson
2006-2007 Bill Johnston
2009-2010 Bill Johnston