Baker Memorial Trophy

The Baker Memorial Trophy was instituted as a tribute to two long-time members of the Highland Glen Camera Club, Ray and Marg Baker. The Bakers served the club in many positions during their membership; they are especially remembered for their leadership in helping others develop their own photographic skills.

Ray Baker was employed for many years at Schneider’s in Kitchener, and soon after beginning a well-earned retirement traveled to Nepal with his wife Marg to begin what was to be a lengthy photographic holiday. Unfortunately they both became very ill shortly after their arrival in Asia and Ray quickly succumbed to his illness. Marg Baker was eventually able to return to Canada, but never recovered.

The Baker Memorial Trophy is awarded to the HGCC Photographer of the Year. Prior winners of this trophy are listed below:

1991-1992 Jack Battler
1992-1993 Peter A. Bisset
1993-1994 Jack Battler
1994-1995 Merlin L. Becker
1995-1996 Merlin L. Becker
1996-1997 Merlin L. Becker
1997-1998 Merlin L. Becker
1998-1999 Bao C. Tran
1999-2000 Joyce Brant
2000-2001 Bao C. Tran
2001-2002 Bao C. Tran
2002-2003 Bao C. Tran
2003-2004 Merlin L. Becker
2004-2005 Glenn Paulley
2005-2006 Ken Macpherson
2006-2007 Ken Macpherson
2009-2010 Tom Jeary