The club maintains a set of trophies that are awarded to various competition winners and runners-up over the year. Ordinarily the trophies are retained by the winner until the start of the following club year. In addition, winners receive a certificate, together with a ribbon, in an attractive embossed folder as a permanent memento of their accomplishment. At present the club does not have a complete set of trophies for all in-club category competitions.

A second or third-place standing in the in-club and theme competitions also merits the awarding of a certificate/ribbon combination, mounted in an embossed folder, to document the photographer’s accomplishment.

In addition, ribbon/certificate combinations are also awarded to individuals for other accomplishments over the year, as follows:

  • The top-scoring slide, print, or digital image submitted to the in-club category competitions;
  • The top slide (and runner-up) entered by an HGCC member in the Grand Valley Slide Battle;
  • Best image entered by an HGCC member in the Stag and Swan competition with the Stratford Camera Club.

The most advanced photographer in the four rounds of the in-club category competitions, for each of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced standing, receive a medallion.