Privacy Policy

The K-W Highland Glen Camera Club is committed to ensuring and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of its members’ personal information.

Collecting, Holding, and Using Personal Information

The K-W Highland Glen Camera Club may collect, hold, and use members’ personal information for the following purposes:

  1. identifying you and ensuring that the collected information is correct;
  2. contacting you in regards to club activities and events;
  3. advising you of photographic events, sales, and competitions held or sponsored by other photographic societies, retailers, artists, or institutions.
  4. tracking your image submissions for the various intra- and inter-club competitions held during the year;
  5. tracking your photographic standing within the club;
  6. enabling your member account on the HGCC website, and permitting email communication to you via the website from other members or from the club executive;
  7. listing your name, and possibly your city of residence, on the club’s website, including the use of your name in captions of your images;
  8. listing your name, and possibly your city of residence, in promotional material for the Highland Glen Camera Club, including adding your name to captions of images that are promoted by the club;
  9. creating name tags for use at club events;
  10. maintaining club records of membership dues.

“Personal information” includes, at a minimum, your name, address, telephone number, email address, and web site address. Depending on the nature of the club activities in which you participate, additional personal information may be collected as necessary.


Your knowledge and consent to HGCC’s collection and use of your personal information is important. HGCC relies on your actions as indications of your consent to the club’s existing and future personal information collection practices:

  • your voluntary provision of personal information directly to the club’s board of directors;
  • your consent solicited by a member of the club’s Board of Directors or designate for a specific purpose;
  • your receipt of this privacy policy, until you notify the HGCC Board of Directors of a withdrawal of your consent;
  • your consent given through an authorized representative such as a legal guardian, agent, or solicitor.

You may withdraw your consent to the club’s holding of personal information at any time. Your withdrawal of consent will limit the HGCC Board of Directors’ ability to provide you with information surrounding club activities.

Third Parties

The HGCC Board of Directors may disclose your personal information to individuals, businesses, corporations, and other photographic organizations or artistic entities when the board of directors believes that such disclosure is in your best interest as a member of the club.

The Board of Directors will only disclose that information which is sufficient for the purpose it is required. As an example, we may disclose our mailing address to the Canadian Association of Photographic Art in order for you to receive information or material from CAPA directly.

The Board of Directors will not knowingly disclose personal information to third parties for commercial purposes. In particular, the board will not disclose personal information for the purpose of telemarketing, unsolicited email, or advertising mailings, or similar business activity.

Right of Access

You are entitled to access, with reasonable notice, your personal information maintained by the K-W Highland Glen Camera Club. You may verify this personal information and request that any inaccurate information be corrected. An access request may be made to any member of the HGCC Board of Directors, orally or in writing.

Limits on Retention

The Highland Glen Camera Club will only retain your personal information as long as it is necessary, at most for one calendar year following the end of the HGCC club year (typically in August) if your membership in the club is not renewed. At the end of that period all copies of your personal information will be destroyed.

Protection of Your Personal Information

Your personal information, whether electronic or paper, is maintained by members of the HGCC Board of Directors. Copies of this information may be kept in personal residences or business enterprises that serve as places of employment. The HGCC board of directors take reasonable measures to protect this information from loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification.