Informal Print Competition

The informal print competition is a friendly in-club competition judged by the members that provides members with an opportunity to improve print skills.

Bring a maximum of three images to the informal print competition night; no prior submission is required.

Image Standards

Prints must be no smaller than 80 square inches (for example, 8×10 or 7×14 or 6×13, etc.) and no larger than 16” × 20”. As long as the print lays flat for viewing, there are no mounting requirements.

Prints may be made from film (slides or negatives) or digital files and may be commercially or maker printed. However, the entrant must do all digital processing.

No identification is to be visible on the front of the image or mat.

Identification must be on the back of the print in the upper left hand corner with the following information:

  • Name of photographer
  • An arrow indicating the top of the print.


  1. Every member can enter a maximum of three images.
  2. Entrance fee for the competition will be $1.00 per print.  All entry fees will be put into the prize purse for
    the competition.
  3. First prize will be awarded 2/3 of the purse.
  4. Second prize will be awarded the remaining 1/3 of the purse.
  5. Third prize is an “ata boy/girl” and a pat on the back.
  6. Voting will be done using coloured Bingo Chips. Each person in attendance will be given
    three bingo chips one Red, one Blue, and one White.
  7. Red chips are worth 3 points, Blue chips are 2 points, and White chips are 1 point.
  8. First place print is the print that accumulates the highest cumulative number of points from the
  9. Second place is the second highest cumulative score.
  10. In the event of a tie:
    • The entry with the most red chips will prevail.
    • If still tied, the entry with the most blue chips will prevail, and so on down to the white chips.
    • If there is still a tie:
      • for first place, the tied entries will split the prize purse. There will be no second place prize.
      • for second place, the tied entries will split the second place portion of the prize purse.