Grand Valley Image Battle

The Grand Valley Image Battle (GVIB) competition is held once a year as an inter-club competition with other clubs in South-Western Ontario. Participating clubs rotate hosting duties for the competition.  Currently, the participating clubs include Brampton Photo Group, Brant Camera Club, Fergus and District Camera Club, GRIPS, Halton Hills, Highland Glen Camera Club,  Maitland Valley Camera Club, Orangeville, Stratford Camera Club, and Woodstock Camera Club.

Judging is performed by a set of three independent judges, organized by the host club. The winner of the competition is the club with the highest cumulative score.

Each club enters 18 images and a club’s entry can be a mix of digital images or prints, in any proportion.  This is an open category competition, so any subject, processing technique, etc. is accepted. Images should have a title as the title will be announced during the image’s presentation and a carefully selected title can impact judging.

The competition is intended to be a showcase of the achievements of the club as a whole and not just a few members. HGCC members can submit up to three images for consideration. The club decides on the images to be submitted and strives to have at least one image from every submitter.

Image Standards


Files must be saved as JPG.
The colour format must be sRGB for projection standards.
Images must be resized to maximum 1400 pixels wide and maximum 1050 pixels high.  Therefore a horizontal image can be no larger than 1400 wide by 1050 high and a vertical image can be no larger than 1050 wide by 1050 high.

All images must be presented in their proper orientation.
Images will be shown as submitted.  They will not be resized, rotated or adjusted.

Please name digital files using the following protocol: photographernameHGtitle.jpg
Example: SallyBlackHGPinkFlower.jpg


Prints must be no smaller than 80 square inches (for example, 8×10 or 7×14 or 6×13, etc.) and no larger than 16” × 20”.

Images must be mounted on a clean, firm board (such as white or black foam core), measuring 16” × 20”. Mats are optional, but must be white or black only, and if a mat is not used the image must be FIRMLY adhered to the mounting board.

Prints may be made from film (slides or negatives) or digital files and may be commercially or maker printed. However, the entrant must do all digital processing.

No identification is to be visible on the front of the image or mat.

Identification must be on the back of the mounted print in the upper left hand corner with the following information:

    • Title
    • Name of maker
    • Name of club
    • An arrow indicating the top of the print.

A digital copy of your printed image is required, sized and formatted for display as above (see digital images), so that the image may be projected for the audience while the print is being judged.


GVIB History

The Grand Valley Image Battle started in 1974 as the “Golden Triangle Slide Battle.” During the first few years, clubs competed from Guelph, Kitchener, Fergus, Galt, and Brantford. Clubs from Stratford, Orangeville and Halton Hills joined in the early 2000’s and by 2006 GRIPS, Maitland Valley and Woodstock clubs also joined. With the increased popularity of digital cameras, the prints and digital photos were added to the slides in 2007, when the competition was hosted by Highland Glen Camera Club. In 2008 the competition was renamed to the Grand Valley Image Battle. Slides were dropped in 2009 and entries are now print and digital photos.