Digital Competition

Annually, the club holds at least one digital competition.  Digital competitions may be run as a live judging event or as a web judged event with critique.  Members may submit a maximum of three images.

For a live judging event, three judges will assign a score by secret ballot on the meeting night. Details of the process are outlined under Process in Judging of Images .

For a web judged event, three judges will be presented images electronically before the meeting night and will assign a score independently. On the meeting night, the competition coordinator will present the results from the judges and any comments that they have supplied. The competition coordinator will lead a discussion of the images submitted.

Image Standards

Files must be saved as JPG.
The colour format must be sRGB for projection standards.

Images must be resized to maximum 1024 pixels wide and maximum 768 pixels high.  Therefore a horizontal image can be no larger than 1024 wide by 768 high and a vertical image can be no larger than 768 wide by 768 high. Smaller images will be displayed at their native size with a black background. Alternatively, you can add your own background (if you want a different colour, for example) to an image to make the final size 1024 by 768.

All images must be presented in their proper orientation.
Images will be shown as submitted.  They will not be resized, rotated or adjusted.

Please name digital files using the following protocol: photographername_title.jpg
Example: SallyBlack_PinkFlower.jpg