Board of Directors

The K-W Highland Glen Camera Club Board of Directors is comprised of:

an Executive consisting of

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

and a set of Directors. Directors have no set portfolio, but typically one or more Board members are responsible for coordinating in-club and inter-club competitions, coordinating the club’s website, acting as liaison with other clubs and with CAPA, and so on.

The term of office for the Board is two years for the President and Vice-President, and one year for all other Board members. No person may hold more than one elective office at any one time.

Meetings of the Board of Directors are held throughout the year, including during the summer months when much of the work for establishing the following year’s program is completed. The club’s Constitution dictates that a minimum of four Board meetings must be held each year.

2017-18 HGCC Board of Directors

The current K-W Highland Glen Camera Club Board of Directors consists of:


  • President: Brant Danard
  • Vice President: Dan Gillespie, program coordinator
  • Treasurer: Bernardo Garcia
  • Secretary: Doug Morton


  • Mark Bingeman: at large
  • Kevin Garrett: competition coordinator
  • Kirk White: at large
  • Nora Znotinas: web administrator