The K-W Highland Glen Camera Club meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. The fall program starts on the third Monday in September and ends with a dinner in December.

The following is a brief summary of the 2017 fall program. Please check the Event Calendar for information regarding location, time, and event details.

Sept 18 – Member Night: Bring your photos in for an evening of “Photographs I took this summer”
Oct 02 – Guest Speaker: Brian Dernesch – Astrophotography
Oct 16 – Member Night: Print Competition
Nov 06 – Guest Speaker: Ben Eby – Photos from his Southern Ocean Project
Nov 20 – Member Night: Workshop – Bring your equipment. Tables will be set up with stations.
Dec 04 – Guest Speaker: Bruce MacNeil – Natural resources in our communities
Dec 18 – Christmas Banquet

External Events

Sunday Oct 01 9:00am – Mountsberg Raptor Centre Workshop
Sunday Oct 01 2:00pm  – Canadian Raptor Conservancy Workshop
Sunday Nov 12 1:30pm – Grand Valley Image Battle

Photograph Submission Dates

Sept 18 – Photographs I took this summer: Bring photo essay or individual pictures on USB stick to meeting
Oct 02 – Grand Valley Image Battle: Photos due  ** change in date
Oct 16 — Print Competition: Bring prints to meeting